about jiwa

hahah this is boring, i'm sure you will skip this.. and actually i still updating this from time to time..

it's something about jiwa:

:: real_name> imran
:: still a human being since my brain still working
:: some people call me "the purpleman" in flickr..haha
:: working_as> visual artist
:: interested in photography since childhood
:: more to landscape/scenery shots
:: sucks at wedding shot
:: my gear are Nikons, forever will be Nikon
(errr i dont mind if you want to give me Leica/Hassleblad haha)
:: i'm a young proud father of 2 babies and a beautiful wife..
( proud father not a single father as i'm taken..haha please dont miss lead this as those words are totally 100% different)
:: i'm always stuck in purple~bluish color tone
:: i'm tall, still not considering fat although i'm gaining weight..hahhaha
:: i love to travel
:: a fulltime photoshop artist in weekdays and fulltime photographer by weekends :)
:: i dont smoke and i'm not an alcoholic
:: my main gear right now is Nikon D7000 and few accessories
:: i trust in inner creativity rather than superb gear but plain brain
:: my enemy is DUST!!!

you still reading??? are serious man?