jiwa :: part 1

Firstly i would like to say thanks for wasting your time visiting my blog.
And the funniest thing is, this is my first blog in my entire life.
So, i try to make it informal (seriously not formal) and true, i'm serious...hahaha Although i'm not good at writing, and i dont care.. First of all, i'm really sorry if my words are too harsh or too polite or too nonsense for normal brain to accept it.I'm just a super amateur blogger. (maybe below than that)

The reason i'm setting up blog because i think it because nowadays in year 2010, even a 10years old child know how to blogging.. and i dont want to loose that man..haha its a shame right? I'm seeing a lot of people blogging telling their daily life.. upss, i wont do that..never i think.. i'm here just wanted to share what i'm interested to do now which is photography and some architectural visualization.. yeah i know it man.. its boring to some of you.. hahaha anyway, i dont care, u must read all my post, since u have enter my blog.. Its your fault..hahhaha who ask you to click here..

For illegal photo snatcher out there.. i know u out there..
All of my photos/artworks are all rights reserved.
Using my photos/artworks without permission are totally illegal. If found guilty, the photographers may sue you or bring you to the courts. This is serious, because i found a lot of bloggers out there love to use other people materials such as artworks/photos without permission. But if let say you really keen wanted to used my photos/artworks, just write to me for getting the license. It's easy :)

No worries, i wont give lectures here.. just sharing ideas through my photos.

Have fun blogging and adios~~

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