a letter for mr detective

a letter for mr detective, originally uploaded by :: tujuhjiwa / sevensouls ::.

holla mr detective,
i have a letter for you..
the killer

haha i know this shot are totally out of my league. anyway it just for fun, as i always like to see b/w photos from all of you, but to shoot it, errmm i prefer in colors haha... this is dedicated to one of my fave b/w shooter.. i like his ideas between the story of serial killers and the detectives... its kind of mystery.. godd luck bro.. www.flickr.com/photos/pembunuhbersiri/

To do this effects, the camera are on tripod. I done this shot at 11am something so the lighting around are so bright. So i decide to set the exposure to -5 to make dark.. Hold the flash lights and set to timer.. and thats it.. hehe so easy actually..

As for the grain effects.. Open the photo in Adobe Photoshop, duplicate the original layer. Then i make it Gaussian grain in amount of 72.09%. Then this grained layer, i change the blending mode to "Softlight" and set the amount of opacity around 50~55%..  I might like to soften  the grained effects by Gaussian Blur it, but i'm to lazy to do that..hahaha anyway, happy shooting guys

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