I've choose my destiny

I've choose my destiny, originally uploaded by :: tujuhjiwa / sevensouls ::.

At last i'm done this.. hahaha i try to avoid my self from using any software to create this image.
But at a sudden, i found in some of my flickr friend photostream about blended exposures. The effects are awesome, as long as you know how to control yourself in terms of colors, exposures, brightness and contrast. I try this "blended" method by using 2 exposures.  So, last weekend, i give a try :)
One exposures to highlight the foreground which are the moving waters, another exposure are the sky with the sun. These 2 exposures, i bring it in our traditional super awesome software, which is Photoshop.. and stack both exposures into 2 different layers. Top layer are for the sky and another layer (which i put below) are the foreground. This method are actually simple, just by using masking. I've masked unwanted parts, to make this 2 photo well blended. 
At the final stage, to make it "well blend", i use Curves and adjust the contrast and highlights to make it well blend. Actually you have many ways to make it blends. As for example, you can put a tint of photo filter, just to make it blend or you can adjust the levels or contrast too.. It depends on you.. However, for this image, i just masked and curves only as i quiet satisfy the effects of it..  Finally this "blended exposures" are still produce by our super power pack Adobe Photoshop, not our supershooting weapon Nikon DSLR.. what a pity to me...hahaha no offence, i just joking... So, this is what we call post processing.  

Happy Shooting from Jiwa :)
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