++ goodmorning sunshine~

++ goodmorning sunshine~, originally uploaded by :: tujuhjiwa / sevensouls ::.
First light of the day..its shine!!!
This place actually a construction site near my house and near to the highway. To capture this, i need to stop at the highway and climb extremely steep hill.. and yes, my acts creating attention to the traffic that passed by..  semua orang lalu lalang dekat highway terus slow dan tengok apa aku buat dengan seluar tido dan tripod..hahahha
If in sunny day, you can see the whole area are open construction site for public housing build by IDR (Iskandar Development Region). Honestly, the are NO interesting scenery to shoot at. What you can see are just lorries, truck, bulldozer and  tractrors.. and dirt. 
I knew this place was awesome, when one morning i coincidently passed by the area. The sunrise are awesome, but i cannot stop as i am driving too fast that day. (Its a PLUS highway). Sadly this view will vanish soon as it in process in becoming a concrete jungle. So last weekend, i try my luck waiting the sunrise. And it worth!!!
If you're in JB and want  to know where is this place and wanna give a shot... let me know.
Happy Shooting guys!!!

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