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Silent are my first impression when i saw this view in front of me. How great are God to create such beautiful seascape which no one ever can do that. Its a nature's painting.
Located at Pantai Rambah, Pontian Kechil, Johor, the place are awesome. Although the name are "Pantai Rambah", i dont see any sandy beach here.. just rocks and gabion wall all along the shorelines, to avoid erosion. However, this wont limit me to take photos.

This is some info about Pantai Rambah, taken from Petronas webpage.
"A picturesque, unassuming breath of fresh air, then, is Rambah Beach in Johor. Popular but not over-populated, this idyllic stretch of sand is a favourite of bird enthusiasts, as well as fishing enthusiasts and picnickers - perfect if you have either of these interests, and great even if you just want a break! It’s well-equipped with the usual natural features people look for in a beach - beautiful sunset, romantic star-lit sky and cheery picnic setting.

Rambah is also well-located near several fishing villages, including Pulau Pisang and Kukup, where you can enjoy fresh and delicious seafood. Kukup is, at 647ha, is the largest uninhabited mangrove island in the world. Legend says the island was once home to five celestial princesses - one of whom broke convention and eloped with a sailor. The island was then swallowed up by the sea, but then mysteriously reappeared, covered in mangroves. A favourite of locals (Johoreans) and Singaporeans, Kukup is available for eco-tour activities and accommodation.

A transit stop for birds during the migratory months of September and March, Rambah is ideal for bird watching during these season. If you're lucky, you're even catch the bird singing competition regularly organized by the locals."
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