the day has come

i just bought my self a basic set of tianya square filters which i find it good as cokin. How ever i dont want to compare it in details with cokin or other famous filter coz there must be pro & cons. So, it depends on ur budget and choice.

I bought this as a gift for my birthday.. yeayyy!!! try my serious first shot just after Khairi wedding for few minutes after rush back to sleep and fetch my baby from the baby sitter.
hehe sambil2, bila lagi kan?

anyway the effect produce by the filter is amazing. No need to use photoshop to produce dramatic effect. The set are includes Nd4, Nd8, graduated grey, graduated blue,  graduated orange (sunset) , filter box, individual box, 67mm filter tread, and filter holder. All of this only s$75 which are amazingly cheap if compared to Cokin or Lee filters. But true, cannot compare the quality produce by those premium brands.  hehehe anyway somehow i'm quiet happy with this filters. If time permits and can go out shooting, i'll post some shots taken with this filters. Adios!!!

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